Hervé Niquet
Idylles romantiques Hervé Niquet Direction ~ Benoît Capt Baryton Dimanche 25 mars 2018 ~ 17h ~ Victoria Hall Hors-série Arie van Beek Direction ~ Pierre Bassery Direction du choeur http://www.locg.ch/

Victoria Croydon
lawn at the Salamanca Market. Hobart (-43.000,+147.500) Victoria Croydon (-37.800,+145.283) Croydon Jugglers Club. Monday, 7-9:30 PM. Croydon Hall (EV s). Chris Lavery http://www.juggling.org/meetings/world.html

Marianne Beate
Ténor ~ Henk Neven Baryton ~ Ensemble vocal de Lausanne (EVL) Dimanche 6 novembre 2016 ~ 17h ~ Victoria Hall Hors-série http://locg.ch/fr/concerts?saison_id=8&type_id=4

Julian Parker UK
Parliaments Lunch At City Hall, Stockholm. (Photo by Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty Images) Princess Madeleine Of Sweden Attends A Gala Dinner For The Nobel Laureates At The Royal Palace ... Stockholm. . (Photo by Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty Images) Princess Victoria Of Sweden, Princess https://www.aol.com/article/lifestyle/2018/03/09/princess-madeleine-of-sweden-gives-birth-to-baby-no-3/23381621/

Victoria Sie
BERN | Kursaal, So einfach gehts: GENF Oktober 2008, 20 Senden| Victoria Sie ein Hall, SMS9.mit CHGAME2 an Uhr 919 CHUR | Stadtsaal, 10. Oktober 2008, 20 Uhr (CHF 1.50/SMS) oder https://issuu.com/punkt.ch/docs/punkt.ch_sg_20080829?documentId=080829054545-26c8c678fb3a46b3a4eeb1aa68a553eb&layout=grey&mode=embed

Tiffany Hotel
steps from the Mamco (Modern Art Museum), the “Grand Theatre” and the Victoria Hall https://www.tiffanyhotel.ch/en/location/

Victoria Halltake
orchestra. Pupils will have the chance to attend a rehearsal in the Victoria Hall, take part in multiple workshops http://www.osr.ch/programme-pedagogique/les-activites

Chase Les
Ramire de Rameau, Voltaire, Rousseau et D. de Roulet Mise en espace au Victoria Hall (Genève) dir : C. Bianchini http://frochaix.ch/mises.html

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