Victor Togni
Victor Togni after recital on the Wanamaker Organ in Philadelphia after 1964 AGO convention at which he won first prize in improvisation (click on images to enlarge) Dar es Salaam

Simon Bareres
early 1930s was difficult when the family lived in Berlin. Simon Barere’s recital of 1932 had created a sensation, but he lost over 60 concerts in Germany because

Jorma Turunen
Vocal Recital: Hynninen, Jorma - Turunen, M. / Merikanto ... Vocal Recital: Hynninen, Jorma - Turunen , M. / Merikanto, O. / Madetoja, L. / Hannikainen, I. (Mina Laulan Sun Iltasi Tahtihin, Summer Moods

Hans Juon
Flute Recital: Heinzmann, Hans-Udo - Lauber, J. / Finke, F ... Flute Recital: Heinzmann, Hans -Udo - Lauber, J. / Finke, F.F. / Karg-Elert, S. / Juon , P. Hans -Udo Heinzmann

Elena Tasisto
music by Sofia Gubaidulina. Marcela lives in London. She regularly gives solo egularly in recital, with orchestra or in chamber music. Her extensive

Marianne Schuppes
nice that that wasn’t entirely forgotten this year, and Marianne Schuppe‘s recital was a hugely refreshing and welcome contrast to—well, to almost everything else that had been

Daniel The
Levy Daniel The pianist Daniel Levy has performed this type of recital throughout Europe and America for over twenty years. A Concert-Dialogue is a musical experience based upon

Ruskin Bax
Website. ... the distinguished pianist Philip Mead began a marathon all- Bax programme in the Recital Room of Anglia Ruskin University

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