Klaus Kanter
best Master Program of the Year Klaus Kanter Stiftung, Frankfurt, Germany Membership in Professional and Scientific Organizations European Association of Dental Technology (EADT) Deutsche Gesellschaft

Yvonne Ferguson
small or large teams, public speaking, advoc... More... Claudia Belem : An experienced professional in the management of intervention and support services across public and charity sectors. M... More

Ken Evoy
about how to use a Website to market professional services. This 200+ page e-book written by Ken Evoy, MD, is just what you need. And it is absolutely free

Melitta Professional
privaten Verbrauchern beliefert Melitta in seinem Geschäftsfeld Industriegeschäft auch Gewerbekunden. So bietet etwa Melitta Professional

Johnny Appleseed
became local legendary figures, the most prominent being Johnny Appleseed ( John Chapman ), a professional nurseryman who planted apple trees extensively in Ohio and Indiana. Baskets of red and green

Larry Summers
main rival for the job of Fed chairman last fall. Janet Yellen is a professional politician in every sense. She is definitely

Sonia Sotomayor
expression is professional and friendly. She greets me with a surprisingly deep voice and a sweeping hand gesture. But there is more to her: Sonia Sotomayor resonates a strength

Michael Ochs
Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images The province is noted for the number of professional hockey players and curling champions it has produced. The community-owned gridiron football team, the Saskatchewan

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