Jim Crichton
Recorded live in Munich, West Germany & Copenhagen, Denmark This album is completely digital Produced by Jim Crichton. Assistant mixing engineering by Andi Charal. Mixed at Phase One and Manta Sound http://saga-germany.de/chronologisch/livealben/134-1982-in-transit.html

Amanda Geary
increasing nutritional needs. Agricultural practices that increase the amount of food produced also reduce the nutritional value of food. Amanda Geary, in her book The Food And Mood Handbook: Find https://www.depression-help-for-you.com/diet-for-depression.html

Marshall Orloff
journal of the Society and eventually WORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY was founded and first produced in 1977, under the energetic chief editor Marshall Orloff, by the publisher Springer http://iss-sic.com/about/history-of-the-society.html

Ricky Tomlinson
audiobook that tops our list is definitely the most entertaining book about football ever produced. It’s called “Football My Arse!: The Funniest Football Book You’ll Ever Hear http://www.livraphone.com/audio-books-about-football/

Brian Viner
March 2005 Jill Mason has tackled the subject from every imaginable angle and produced an unexpectedly fascinating book http://www.merlinunwin.co.uk/bookdetails.asp?bookid=10

Tale Spinnin
effort by renowned Fusion-Jazz-Rock equipe feat. Joe Zawinul who also produced; Wayne Shorter...; U.S. print w/inner- http://www.k-fox.ch/index.php/fusion-2/fusion-w-z

Darryl Cifarelli
songs crafted & produced by Darryl Cifarelli & Mark Harris; w/insert-sheet & sleeve adds perfectly to the overall charm of this fine & special album;) Buddy Rich & Alla Rakha Rich À La Rakha (World http://www.k-fox.ch/index.php/folk-2/folk-r

Bruce Cockburns
album by very gifted canadian Singer-Songwriter; Bruce Cockburns helps out and he also produced; ...plus Pat Godfrey, Bill http://www.k-fox.ch/index.php/singer-songwriter-p-z-2/singer-songwriter-w

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