Jonathan Groß
Jonathan Groß 1128x1113 (144365 Bytes) Another Döner kebab. Photographed of course by me. Compiled by Langhansgrill, Langhansstr., [[Berlin-Weißensee]]. No. 6 in Berlin s Döner ranking index

Anita Affentranger
permission of the respective owners. Photo Credits Copyright Jelinek Scientific Documentation Gmb H : Portrait photographed by Anita Affentranger (

Horst Kwech
paddock, the race was won by Skip Scott in a Lola T70; photographed by Jack Webster, USA 1953 Mexico, 4 th Carrera Panamericana – Efraín Ruiz Echeverría and Pedro Villegas Becerril

Gustave Eiffel
engineered by Gustave Eiffel. Sacre-Coeur – This is one of the most photographed places

Alfred Biggel
Forum Names sought for 1940s era photos. Mon Mar 24th, 2014 ... School class portraits photographed in the late 1940s by Spokane-based photographer Alfred Biggel

Julian Sünderhauf
ELITE MODEL MANAGEMENT - HOMEPAGE Photographed by Julian Broad, Styled by Milva ... Elite was opened in NY in 1977 and immediately made a name for itself by challenging the status

Philippe Tosi
NASA/SDO Realtime Space Weather Photo Gallery EARTH VS. SOLAR FLARE: Amateur astronomer Philippe Tosi photographed the sun on Sept. 6th, and his timing was perfect. He caught sunspot AR2673

Andreas Züst
patron of the arts. Beginning in the early 1970s, he documented and photographed Zürich’s art and culture scene, transcending

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