Will Greenwood
impressionner le jury avec « l’approche collaborative adoptée en s’engageant auprès de Cereal Partners pour l’initiative End-to-End Walk. » Clive Bowers, Président directeur général de Smurfit Kappa

Marlis Morin
member of the Executive Committee and the Global Executive Board. She has been with Partners Group since 2003 and has 24 years of industry experience. Prior

Christopher Bone
Private Debt Investor: European Roundtable Partners Group s Christopher Bone, European Head of Private Debt, discusses the current state of the market at a Private Debt Investor roundtable. Read

Sara Odebunmi
Solutions Australia Martin Scott is Head of Partners Group’s Sydney office and Head of the Australian Client Solutions business unit. He is a member of the Global Executive Board ... been with Partners Group since 2008 and has 25 years of industry experience. Prior to joining Partners Group

Cyrus Driver
create value for all shareholders." Cyrus Driver, Managing Director, Head Private Equity Asia, Partners

Maxime Botti
preferred partner and an anchor investor in RAM’s products. RAM’s partners, Thomas de Saint-Seine, Maxime Botti and Emmanuel Hauptmann will retain significant stakes in RAM and will

Ralph Atkins
Private Equity Fund With Swiss Bank Reyl Bloomberg 28.01.2016 Iranian asset-management firm Turquoise Partners plans to start a $200 million private equity fund with Swiss bank Reyl

German Handcrafted
limits and to exceed in whatever we focus on. We therefore look for partners, that share the same values

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