German Fortyeighters
about the German Forty-eighters in America, and much more will no doubt appear in the next several years due to the 150th anniversary of the 1848 Revolution

Volker Handloik
Testa (Foto) 2012: Journalist of the Year und Gewinner in der Kategorie Foto: mare No. 85: Martin Schlüter mit „Schweigen im Schnee – Kindesmissbrauch an der Beringsee“ unter dem Titel

Patrick Painter
Generation, Patrick Painter etc., Köln | Notes on Abstraction, Espacio 1414, Puerto Rico | Gallery Show No. 1, Art Since The Summer of 69, New York USA | Berlin-Anfang

Maxim Dimitrievich
efficiency. There is only one minus that I notice: no opportunity to download files from presentations in formats that offer better quality than png. Sibiriak Maxim Dimitrievich Платформа Webinars

Walter Map
Nagasaki bugyo no kiroku. 流人と非人:続長崎奉行の記録, Tokyo 1963. Morris Herbert (Editor): Guilt and Shame, Wadsworth Publishing Co.1971 Morris, Colin (1987): The discovery of the individual, 1050-1200, Toronto

Alexander Stäudle
Geschäftsführer: Dipl. Sportwiss. Alexander Stäudle All data is unofficial. No rights may be derived. ® Die Marke MA:XX Timing und seine Logos sind eingetragene Markenzeichen. Sie dürfen nicht verändert

Beat Volume
various Down Beat (Volume 55, No. 11) 1988 various Down Beat (Volume 58, No. 12) 1991 various

York World Telegram
achieved under Harding. Harding, Warren G.Warren G. Harding. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. (neg no. LC-USZ62-91485) As part of his policy

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