Carlo Emilio
than that rendered by Browning, but turning, as we have also pointed out, after Morelli’s death into something like a sinister comedy. (additional note: for Morelli and Carlo Emilio

Otto Mündler
Mündler ( ), and it was to large degree Mündler’s influence that Morelli’s passion for the visual arts renewed

Niccolò Antinori
/dib) (Picture: If we do look at the last seventeen years of Giovanni Morelli’s life, this time span we may call the short-lived age of Lermolieffianism ... late period in Giovanni Morelli’s life, the last, rather short, but certainly the most highlighted period

Art Giovanni
Family and Connoisseur of Art Giovanni Morelli From an history of art history perspective one must say that the life of the Richter’s was now to become spectacular. Jean

German Bildung
experts of human nature, do represent to us the two sides of Morelli’s cultural identity, the German side, the side of German Bildung, and the Italian side, the Renaissance

Shawn Morelli
piste et record du monde pour Shawn Morelli 19 mars 2016 L’Américaine Shawn Morelli s’est distinguée avec une médaille d’or et un record du monde

David Via
offers must be submitted to the Extraordinary Receiver (c/o the No tary Morelli Dr David Via S. Francesco,18 57025 Piombino (Li) Italy) no later than 1 p.m. (Italian time FAZ_20150116_pnr28.pdf

Jean Paul
Jean Paul Richter, 30 August 1880. (back) 51) Because Bayersdorfer knew of Morelli’s doing at Vienna: see again Mackowsky/Pauly/Weigand (eds.) 1902, p. 315f. (back) 52) If Morelli seems

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