Nadine Brömm
NETTZ“ einen „Hack Day for Good“. Wir haben Projektmitarbeiterin Nadine Brömm… Der Erklärmops In diesem Video erklärt unser Stiftungsmops Lily in kurzen Worten, was Hate Speech oder auch Hassrede

Sebastian Arming
papers at QEST 2018 June 27, 2018 The paper “Parameter-Independent Strategies for p MDP s via POMDP s” by Sebastian Arming, Ezio Bartocci

Bruno Sicardy
for 55 TNO s and Centaurs had been developed by Josselin Desmars from Bruno Sicardy s team. Occultations can be selected by date, magnitude range and name of the occultation

Joachim Rong
Dear friends of good wine & contemporary art, For us it still feels like yesterday, but it’s been almost Oktober 2009, since we opened the Joachim Rong – Weingalerie

Silke Schworm
Four models for technology-enhanced optimal teaching of digital literacy skills Kerstin Drossel, Corinna Massek and Birgit Eickelmann A Gender-specific Analysis on the In-school Acquisition of ICT Literacy

Lee Vansina
systemischer Beratung durch Luc van Hoebeke und Prof. Dr. Lee Vansina beim Institut for Organisational and Social Development (IOD), Belgien

Natascha Kolbe
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Ann Hum
Genet. 2013;77(1): 47-55 Kübler H, Miller K New therapy concepts for castration-resistant prostate cancer: between hormone manipulation, targeted

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