Remy The
MAURIZIO AKA THE NEXT ONE (ROCK STEADY CREW / ITALY) Interview done by Remy (The Spartanic Rockers) Can you introduce yourself? Ok, I wanna tell you my real name

Jim Nee
Nagasaki russian roulette", "the killing s done", "bound for out of town", "the solid red hotel"; wheelin wits n loose-strummed grits;) Duncan Pain Same (Atco

Cem Kizilkaya
drivers work in shifts to get the job done. Each vehicle travels approximately 10,000 kilometres every week, and the fleet’s uptime is close to 100 percent. Cem Kizilkaya

Axel Rietschin
software industry? Programming was just 2nd nature :-) Q: What work do you do/have you done in the software industry? Sr. Software Architect. Former CTO, former independant consultant, currently

Louise Bridge
increase in bicycle traffic since opening in 2013 But the work is not done in Copenhagen. Much is still to be done if the city is going to reach

Jennie Charlie
Something for us to discuss some time! Well done. Love Jennie Charlie Mulraine Friday, 08.01.10 #18:52 Great site Paloma - I wish you every success! Since meeting you, I have

Stan Webb
heard about anything to do with British blues? I loved Chris Barber, and have done to this day. He actually has graced the stage with me at the Marquee many

Ian Willms
bullet and to a certain extent inconvenience people while we get the work done,” he said, “but I will hold myself accountable to New Yorkers to say it will

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