Roland Kunz Chairman
member of the Executive Board) Syngenta Crop Protection AG, Stein (AG) Dr. Roland Kunz, Chairman of the Editorial Board of CHIMIA (member of the Executive Board) University of Zurioch

Nick Huber
unimarket AG and SFS services AG Swiss citizen, born 1964 COLTENE Holding AG, Chairman of the Bo D since

Mike Conaway
have for them ― if it’s not worth that, then fine,” House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway (R-Texas

Andreas Kötter
gerüstet Die Entwicklung der Lotterie ist weiter positiv. Andreas Kötter, Chairman der Lotterie Eurojackpot sieht eine gute Ausgangsposition für die kommenden Jahre: „Nicht nur die Bekanntheit der Lotterie

Rolf Leutert
Rolf Leutert, Chairman of the Board, Neuhausen Juerg Christen , Managing Director, Skat Consulting, St.Gallen Brigitte Häberli-Koller, Member of the Council of States, Bichelsee TG Xaver Edelmann, former Director EMPA

Charles Dallara
Chairman of the Americas Charles Dallara is the Vice Chairman of Partners Group Holding AG’s Board of Directors and Chairman of the Americas, based in New York

Walter Keller
based in Zug. He is a member of the Global Investment Committee and the Chairman of the Private

Norbert Seeger
Norbert Seeger Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Norbert Seeger is a qualified attorney at law who graduated from Berne University where he also attained

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