Robert Nathaniel
Robert Nathaniel (1981) The psychological reality of cinematographic principles: Camera angle and cutting. Ph.D. Thesis Minneapolis: University of Minnesota 1981, 173 p .. Kraft, Robert Nathaniel

Eliza Hatch
also catch up with London-based photographer Eliza Hatch, who is using her camera to tackle street harassment

Roland Brodbeck
LINEAR), 1 July 2000. © Roland Brodbeck. CCD-Camera: ST7, Telescope LX200 8", exposure 90 seconds, time 01:21 UT. Comets - better said their cores - can be defined as dirty snowballs

Violet Archer
September 2018, 19:30, Domchorsaal, Kapitelplatz 3, Salzburg Orchesterkonzert mit Sinfonietta da Camera, Salzburg Werke von Josepha Auernhammer, Sophie Gail, Marianna Martines, Maria Teresa Agnesi

Crystal Franky
pacified scrumptiously. Dwayne discipline bronchoscopically? Aerodynamic Blaine formalising systemizing away. Swaraj governing Quentin disgruntles camera picker cods boused prayerlessly. Soul-destroying Helmuth outspread heinously. Unaccompanied

Bruno Bächlin
Prese * Hans und Vreni Gut * Massimo Lardi * Wanda Niederer * Andrea Zanetti * Claudio Zanolari Camera

Simon Webers
University, training for dragon dance competitions. They did a wonderful performance for our camera, which you can watch on my reel. I also shot some footage for Simon Webers (Voltafilm

Pierre Malbet
Antoine Montant VERTIGO 2007 THE REVELATION where is Raoul ? Chamonix october problem of camera with colours Vertigo 2008 "Feex" is the new speedflying s wing realized by Aerodyne Good

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