Joseph Berkson
when the data are so compelling that conclusion hits you straight between the eyes” (attributed to Joseph Berkson; quoted from Wagenmakers, Verhagen, & Ly, 2014 ). But the authors

Joel Quenneville
Stars. I have contemplated this since our last game and I came to the conclusion that now is the right time to step away and let the younger generation

Pierre Sprey
time Pierre Sprey left the Pentagon, in 1986, he had come to a conclusion: “The level of corruption had risen so high that it was impossible for the Pentagon

Felix Auteurs
Félix et de sa famille. Chacune des doubles pages illustre un sentiment différent. En conclusion

Sonya Narayan
appartement. Je vous remercie de votre attention, rapidité de communication et parfaite conclusion de cette vente. Cordialement." Sonya Narayan, appartement à Ovronnaz (juin 2013) "J ai été très satisfaite

Renaud Marhic
étude systématique publiée par Renaud Marhic et Emmanuel Besnier aboutit à la même conclusion [35] . La Centre d information et de prévention sur les psychothérapies abusives et déviantes a mené

Christian Sougel
colleague who runs a $500m fund did an assessment and they came to the conclusion that they would not be profitable when these rules come into place,” says Christian Sougel

Paul Tomlins
Measuring porosity (millimetre to nanometre scale) Paul Tomlins, Englefield Green, Surrey, UK Session 6: Conclusion A PDF file of some selected lectures can be downloaded hereafter

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