Sam Ervin
committee hearings did much to make his national reputation as a fervent anticommunist. In 1950 Nixon successfully ran for the United States Senate against Democratic Rep. Helen Gahagan Douglas

Patrick Hamon
find them. Close Patrick Hamon Head of Operations, Member of the Executive Committee Patrick Hamon joined

Madeline Robert
Corner, access with Festival badge | Meet Madeline Robert (Visions du Réel selection committee member and artistic advisor) for an informal meeting to exchange about your upcoming projects

Graham Griffiths
Evans, Graham Griffiths, Linda Jarlskog (ALM26 observer), David Kaye, Beth Kelly (Committee chair), Joan O’Hagan, Helen Oughton, Jenny Stacey and Peter Whitehead (NANAMIC). To contact the team with ideas

Ken NH ouk
interview with former Nobel Prize Committee member and current Chairman of the Editorial Board of Chemistry – A European Journal Jan-Erling Bäckvall and with Ken N.Houk, author of the first

Marlis Morin
Client Services business department, based in Zug. She is a member of the Executive Committee and the Global Executive Board. She has been with Partners Group since

Philip Barber
Supporters Club was founded in CH-Basel on 26th September 2005 by the foundation committee, consisting of Daniel Graf (Basel), Philip Barber (Zurich

Jerome Bickenbach
Prof. Gerold Stucki – who have been serving on the ICF Research Branch Steering Committee the last several years. ICF Research Branch will benefit tremendously from Liane Simon’s many years

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